About us

Blessed Aid is a national with the vision of becoming an operating value-based emergency relief and development organisation, working in and on fragility situation. We stand side by side with vulnerable communities directly affected by conflicts in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our Mission

The mission statement of Blessed Aid is to advocate for the consolidation of peace in the world, global protection and sustainable development for the benefit of all the communities through a culture of dialogue, pacific cohabitation where everyone fights against poverty, injustice, illiteracy and social inequality.

Our Vision

Living in a world without discrimination, without violence, without poverty and tears and where all the nations adopt a culture of peace with a spirit of mutual understanding.

Our History

Blessed Aid is a Non-Governmental humanitarian and development organization established in Goma, North Kivu province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Blessed Aid was founded on 15 July 2002. On 15 July 2016, Blessed Aid Board of Directors members met in an Extraordinary General Assembly and decided to reform the governance structure and to revise the status creating their organization.

The initiative for founding Blessed Aid came from Mr. Josselin Bandu Mikindo, who was subsequently supported by six other people who were conferred the status of co-founding members.

Core Value

Unity in diversity, transparency, integrity and rationality.


Meet our team

Blessed Aid is composed of a global team of people playing a pivotal role in addressing and adapting the needs of the communities to an organisational change.

Blessed Aid’s staff leadership board and senior leaders group manage the strategy and implementation of humanitarian work in Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in other places in the world.

Josselin Bandu Mikindo

Josselin Bandu Mikindo, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blessed Aid, is a congolese dedicated to  helping vulnerable communities affected by different conflicts and other hard situations in his country, Democratic Republic of Congo, and in the rest of the world.

Frédéric Matubehe 

Secretary General

Solange Mutamba

Administration and Finances Officer

Rémy Banga 

Projects Manager

Darleine Mbuy Kabasele 



Judith Mongonga


Dieudonné Mulindwa



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